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Ire Lenes is a documentary photographer from Madrid, where she lives and works. She is a Sociologist by profession, she has been trained in the new documentary and contemporary landscape at the PICA School in Alcobendas and Photoespaña in Madrid.

She focuses her work on the relationship of people with their surroundings and their history, always understanding the individual and society as an indivisible binomial. Through visual narration she investigates societies or social issues that interest her as a sociologist.

Since 2016, her work focuses on the investigation of ethnic minorities in the Baltic countries after their independence from the Soviet Union.

Although the main weight of her work is documentary, she also develops works experimental with polaroid camera and pinhole.



2017-2018   PIC.A PhotoEspaña , MA Photography  and Artistic project, Madrid, (SP)

2013-2017   PIC.A PhotoEspaña, Degree documentary photography , Madrid, (SP)

2007-2008   Escuela Diplomática MAEC-AECI, MA International Relations, Madrid,  (SP)

2000-2005   UCM,  Degree Sociology, Madrid, (SP)



2019   Archipiélagos, La Kursala,  Spain.


2021   XI Encontro de Artistas Novos, Selected Artist (SP)

2021   ING Talent Award, Public Prize (NL)

2021   OnPhoto Soria, Second Place (SP)

2020   Futures Photography, Invited Artist by PhotoEspaña (NL)

2020   Enrique Algarra  Award, Winner (SP)

2019   PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Silver Winner (SP)

2018   Banc Sabadell Foundation DOCfield Dummy Award, Finalist (SP)

2018   ADP Ciudad de Alcobendas Award, Second Place (SP)

2018   11th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, Honorable Mention (SP)

2018   Transeurope  PHE, Selected artist Scholarship (SP)

2017   DKV Albarracín Photography and Journalism Seminar, Winner Scholarship (SP)

2017   Ciudad de Alcalá  Awards, Winner (SP)

2017   PhotoEspaña MA Photography and Artistic project , Winner Scholarship (SP)

2017   Aphoto Reporter Award, Honorable Mention (SP)

2017   NexoFoto Award, Finalist (SP)

2017   Descubrimientos PHE, Selected artist Scholarship (SP)

2016   ADP Ciudad de Alcobendas Award, Winner (SP)

2016   XIX Certamen Jóvenes Creadores Ávila, Winner (SP)





SOLO Exhibitions

2021   Ojos Rojos Festival, "Archipiélagos", Xàbia, (SP)

2019   Torre DKV, "Archipiélagos", Zaragoza, (SP)

2019   La Kursala, "Archipiélagos", Cádiz. (SP)

2019   Grisart , "Archipiélagos", Barcelona, (SP)

2019   EFTI , "Archipiélagos", Madrid, (SP)

2019   Sala Cuidart , "Archipiélagos", Denia, (SP)

2018   Torre de Albarracín , "Archipiélagos", Albarracín, (SP)

GROUP Exhibitions

2022   Tbilisi Photo Festival, Futures Talents x Photo Books, Tbilisi, (GE)

2021   ING Talent, Kunsthal Art Museum, Rotterdam, (NL)

2020   Futures Photography, PHE, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, (SP)

2020   Hola! 西班牙當代攝影書 Introduction to Spanish Photobooks, Taipei, (TW)

2018   Foto Colectania, DOCfield Dummy Award, Barcelona, (SP)

2018   Centro Cultural Anabel Segura,  “A mi feminidad”, Alcobendas, (SP)

2018   Centro de Arte Alcobendas, "Miscelánea", Alcobendas, (SP)

2018   Alcalá Visual Hospital Santa María la Rica, " Archipiélagos “, Alcalá de Henares, (SP)

2017   Miguel Delibes PIC.A , "Río Proyect", Alcobendas, (SP)

2016   Centro Cultural Anabel Segura,  “Miradas", Alcobendas, (SP)



ING Nederland

Colección DKV

La Kursala

Private collections


2018   XVIII Albarracín Photography and Journalism Seminar, Soviet Parkas

2017   SANfest Festival, Autofobia

2016   Fotonoche, Centro de Arte Alcobendas. Autofobia


2021   Festival Ojos Rojos, Xàbia, (SP)
2021   Duo Kursala, Cádiz, (SP).
2021   Photobook Club, Castellón, (SP).
2021   Fotokalea, Vitoria, (SP).

2021   EASD, Valencia, (SP).
2019   Máster en Teorías y Proyectos Artísticos, Photoespaña. (SP).

2019   Escuela PIC.A, Photoespaña, Alcobendas, (SP).
2019   Real Sociedad Fotográfica, Madrid, (SP).
2018   INFOTOGRAFOS IX, Alicante, (SP).


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